our journey began with...

the supply of sustainable gifting products to companies, we noticed an extensive use of copier paper and other stationery products in their day to day activities. That’s when we wondered how we could bring sustainable stationery to everyday use. We wanted to bring our business and our clients to an environmentally friendly transition, but there was no such cost-effective and easy solution available.

According to studies, nearly half of all the trees felled are used to manufacture paper and other stationary products. In the long term, this has a direct impact on client change and inevitably our society.

That's how  Rescript was born!- from the natural desire to help the planet. It may seem like a straightforward solution, but it has been ignored for far too long. We have developed the ideal stationary product that is environmentally friendly and cost effective.

We are hoping our journey eventually leads us to being responsible for saving 30,000 trees and 6 crore liters of water from being polluted by 2025 and with each individual and company who switches to Rescript, we are getting closer.


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